About us

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Accountancy London , BusinessAdvisers and Accountants,
provides industry-focused 
assurance,tax and advisory 
services to build public 
trust and enhance value 
for our business clients
and their stakeholders.

Our skills, experience and understanding of the business environment have earned us recognition from our clients.

Our staff comprises qualified and experienced individuals dedicated to maintaining high standards of service to our clients in the UK, Europe and outside the EU.



Our outsourcing services
deliver accounting 
solutions to all
our clients

Our firm’s standards and dynamics drive our people to make the right ethical and professional choice in the best interests of our clients, resulting in one pool of combined talent committed to a high level of professionalism in delivering our services.



We aim to become our clients'most trusted business 
adviser and a one-stop shop for accounting and 
business solutions.

Our mission is to offer reasonably priced services beyond the expectations of all our clients.

Our people are professionals from various finance and legal 
disciplines and are regularly trained and updated on the
latest developments in the profession.

They are led by a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW) with
over 30 years’ experience in Public Practice.
We are, thus, bound by the ethical standards of 
the Institute of Chartered Accountants in 
England & Wales.

Alongside the mainstream services offered, we advise
clients generally on business and business performance
with the aid of our in-house data and other information we
gather regularly. We assist with their objectives and
their goal of attaining  business success by delivering
appropriate consultancy and other services.

Tax planning measures aimed at mitigating tax exposures
are available upon request. For those clients who
operate internationally and require more sophisticated
services we incorporate companies on a global scale
and advise on operations best suited to the client's
circumstances. We have access to an independent panel
of experts lawyers and accountants, experienced and
well conversant in their own fields in order to 
ensure the right advice is given. 

We shall be pleased to arrange a meeting at your 
convenience to discuss your business’s needs and
helping you to achieve your business goals.

We speak several languages and communicate with 
clients of most nationalities and from differing 

Please call us on Tel: 0208 682 3950 or email us at

Company details:
Farrow and Farrow Accounting , Company number: 08179461
Financial Republic Ltd, Company no: 07698259
Financial Republic is a register Trade Mark no: 2517705

The firm is divided into specific departments:

  • Tax Advice –UK and international Tax and VAT advice
  • IBB Department – dealing with National Insurance issues across United Europe
  • Accounting Department – book-keeping services, preparing Statutory Accounts and financial reporting
  • Legal Department – Business contracts, service agreements, preliminary advice


Our team

Is our most precious asset and 
all our members are 
graduates in their 
chosen discipline such as law, 
finance and accountancy. We
maintain  high levels of
competence through regular training,
updates and encourage all our unqualified
staff to sit for the professional
accountancy examinations.
Some of them are actively pursuing
higher studies with a view to 
obtaining professional accountancy



  • our people and maintenance of high competence levels through regular training
  • commitment to our client’s requirements
  • our ability to resolve problems  by applying our knowledge, experience and resources to arrive at a solution
  • our ability to deliver services on a timely basis
  • our ability to adapt to changes in the economic climate and the business world. This ensures we remain dynamic in our approach.


We would like to introduce Farrow & Farrow (F&F)  that can assist you  with back-office support services in order to relieve hard-pressed accountancy principal(s) with some of the stress of running a modern accountancy practice.

 Farrow and Farrow (F&F) is a South West London accountancy practice, owned by a finance professional and managed by a Chartered Accountant with both Big-6 and small practice experience. Over the years, F & F has perceived an increasing demand from small to medium sized accountancy practices and from industry for book-keeping, accountancy and other support services.

F & F is bound by professional ethics and observe  standards that are  compliant with the requirements of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. You therefore have its firm assurances in regard to confidentiality issues and its contractual terms will ensure that your client base is never approached directly or encouraged to move from your client base.

On the contrary its aim is to assist you expand your practice further.

F & F’s staff based, in London and New Delhi, speak several languages that have , in the past, attracted clients from Europe and the firm, thus, operates internationally in addition to the UK.

F & F is currently negotiating a link-up with a Mauritian Global Management Services company that will add further to its existing service lines by providing company incorporation and management worldwide coupled with high level tax advisory services. In addition it now offers consulting and legal advisory services.

The management of F & F shall be pleased to be granted a few minutes of your time to explain how it can work together with your organisation with a common goal to keep your clients satisfied and happy.


Please call us on Tel: 0208 682 3950 or email us at