Investment Fund’s Financial Reporting

Your business partner to support the compliance, quality and timely issuance of your Investment Fund’s Financial Statements
Taking up multiple challenges

Coordinating and compiling Financial Statements is a challenge. The regulatory framework is continuously changing and it is increasingly complex to cope with all the new Investment Fund’s Financial Statements disclosure requirements imposed by Luxembourg legal and regulatory framework but also by foreign regulations where the fund is registered for distribution.

Over the past months, an important number of updates have been added to disclosures in the Investment Fund's Financial Statements such as Risk Management information or transaction costs. Assessing information to be included in the Financial Statements while focusing on Luxembourg best disclosure practices might be a real challenge.

Preparing Financial Statements includes coordinating information flow and questions from the tremendous number of parties involved in the process, collecting and managing required data as well as meeting legal or contractual deadlines.

Our cost efficient solutions, based on a competitive fee structure, range from a full coordination and compilation service to the issuance of benchmarking or health check reports.

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